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Skype: No Border v1.2.3

A new version of SNB is available.

I’ve changed the algorithm that’s used to find Skype’s red border so it’s a little more efficient.

I’ve also changed the compiler from Visual Studio 2015, to Visual Studio 2013; it seems “Rising” Antivirus doesn’t like anything made with VS2015 (I did several tests, on several different applications). This should fix that false positive.

Another change is that I no longer embed the Visual C++ runtime (“MultiThreaded” vs “MultiThreaded DLL”), as “Qihoo-360” Antivirus apparently didn’t like that. Because of this, you now need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime installed in order to run SNB.

As of this post, that now fixes all false positives on virustotal.

As always, you can find it under Software » Skype: No Border


Skype: No Border v1.2.0

I had to install Windows on a new machine recently, and as I was setting up my programs it dawned on me that I have no built-in way for Skype: No Border to automatically start with Windows.

Well, I’ve released an update (v1.2.0) that will allow you to start it with Windows easily. Just right click the system tray icon and toggle “Start with Windows”. 🙂

You can find it under Software » Skype: No Border