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Passwords, Insecurity in the millions

Passwords.. You’ll hear it a lot from tech people about how complex your passwords should be. And although you may think “Oh, I’m fine using simple passwords if I make it long.” – I beg to differ.

An old community I used to be a part of and help manage had quite a lot of members – over 6 million registered (although I’m sure the majority of those were spam accounts). It died near the end of 2008, I was fortunate enough to have made a backup of the accounts database on July 13th, 2008.

Yesterday, and earlier today I was sifting through some of my old backups and I ended up doing queries on the database to see the most common passwords (Before you say anything, I’m aware that these passwords are not hashed – the software we used did not support it until later sadly) . It’s kind of funny, the #1 most common of the passwords was ‘123456’ – used by 3,482 people. Passwords like that are extremely insecure and can lead to your account being broken into very easily. It’s no wonder people are always having security problems, losing access to their PayPal, bank, and other important accounts – all because the didn’t want to secure their passwords. Stupidity knows no bounds.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 100 passwords used below for your viewing, and laughing pleasure. [Continue Reading…]