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I was recently informed that page comments had disappeared for some reason.

I’ve re-added the code for them to work, so feel free to comment to your hearts desire!


SOPA & PIPA Protest


Tomorrow, January 18th 2012 this site will be offline from 8AM EDT, to 8PM EDT in protest of both SOPA, and PIPA.

I urge anyone who cares for internet freedom to participate and help spread the word about this bill (and its future forms), and even black your site out too, if you own one.


World of Warcraft Launcher

World of Warcraft LauncherThose of you who have known me a little while are probably familiar with my World of Warcraft Launcher, for those of you who are not familiar with it let me give you a little run-through of what it does. Basically, it’s a program that will edit your World of Warcraft‘s file, clear its Cache, and then proceed to launch the game. This is especially useful for people who play on both the EU servers, and US servers – it can save some time and effort, and is extremely lightweight. The program offers for you to create new profiles where you can save preset text that the program will write to the file before launching the game.

I’ve updated it with my newest networking code which is more efficient and should stop the program from hanging for a second or two on start-up. I was also thinking about possibly making it use the registry in the future – right now it uses a hidden ‘database.dat’ file, which is a custom file format and is prone to problems just by the way it’s handled. My only concern is that if people still use my launcher (which honestly I’m not sure of), that this upgrade would break their current settings. I could always program in a routine to move their settings to the registry, but the way it’s handled would make for a messy import. When and if I do this update, it would likely be for a version 2, which would host a series of other feature updates as well – possibly even skinning.

I personally don’t play World of Warcraft anymore, but this gives me a nice little coding project to keep myself busy. I hope it’s useful for those of you who still do play. 🙂



I’ve added a video page listing some of my better videos that I’ve made, you can find it here.

To see the rest of my videos visit my YouTube Channel.



Finally got my hosting back on, I’ll be slowly restoring content here.

I decided to use WordPress instead of coding my own site as I’ve done before – that seems to be a route to failure for me.

I’ll see you all around I hope. 🙂