Category: Security


Anti-virus’ & the WoW Launcher

I’ve been informed that from revision 109 and on (about the time I switched to Visual Studio 2012), my WoW Launcher is being falsely identified by an Antivirus named ‘QuickHeal’. I’m currently attempting to get this rectified either on their end, or mine.

For those who are truly paranoid, I’ve compiled revision 112 with Visual Studio 2008 here (VirusTotal scan). Just run it with the command line option “-uptodate” to skip the new version is available message when new versions get posted.


SOPA & PIPA Protest


Tomorrow, January 18th 2012 this site will be offline from 8AM EDT, to 8PM EDT in protest of both SOPA, and PIPA.

I urge anyone who cares for internet freedom to participate and help spread the word about this bill (and its future forms), and even black your site out too, if you own one.