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The end of Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has, for a while now, been planning to discontinue the Windows Live Messaging platform in favor of the their newly purchased property, Skype. The initial shut-off for Windows Live Messenger was “first quarter of 2013”, later revealed to be April 8th, to April 30th. Keep in mind, the servers behind WLM will continue to stay on for legacy purposes (the xbox 360 for instance, uses WLM).

On April 25th, I was no longer able to sign in. I was prompted instead, with an option to “upgrade” to Skype. Seeing as Skype has an inferior text messaging system, I refused.

So, I fired up OllyDbg. Low and behold, like many of their previous restrictions placed on the client, the forced update is implemented via something they refer to as ‘Policies’ (you may remember how, for a short time, you could not click on certain links – that was a policy in effect). [Continue Reading…]


Functions in dynamic memory

Recently, as an experiment I was curious about executing code in dynamic memory in a C/C++ program.

It’s doable, but you need to do a few things you may not think of; you cannot just insert the assembly into your variable, and call it like a function. [Continue Reading…]


The WoW Launcher’s ‘setRealmlist’

The other day, I had someone who was working on their own launcher ask me about the algorithm I use in order to change the realmlist in the launcher.

First, you need to keep in mind that blizzard has moved it around a bit.

  • 1.x – 2.x, it was located in the same folder as Wow.exe
  • 3.x – 5.0.4, it was moved into your locales Data folder
  • 5.0.4 made the realmlist file obsolete, and the values are now stored in [Continue Reading…]

Windows Live Messenger – Enabling 10+ transfers

Since the creator of A-Patch seems to be completely not contactable (both the forums and contact form do not work), I’ll just post this here..

File: msnmsgr.exe
File Version: 15.4.3555.308
Address on file: 001B9E82
Address in memory: 001B9E82 + ImageBase + BaseOfCode (- SizeOfHeaders to make it an RVA)
Find: 83 F8 0A 77 27
Replace: 90 90 90 90 90

This will enable dragging 10+ files into a chat window for file transfer.


WoW Addon – GenderTooltip

With Noblegarden going on, there’s a few achievements related to it that have proved difficult to obtain.. particularly “Shake Your Bunny-Maker“.

One of the main problems is that people get transformed into a bunny after they get a few eggs, so you cannot tell if their character is male or female. Which, as I’m sure you can imagine makes it tiresome to ask each and every one if they can take off their bunny transformation so you can apply the ears if they’re female.

So, I made a little addon (my first) that does a small edit to the tooltip you see when you mouse-over players. It will replace the “Level xx race class (Player)” line with “Level xx gender race class (Player)”.

I’ve uploaded this to WoWInterface. If you check it out, let me know what you think!


64-bit Wow client

Just a heads up everyone.

The next time you run my WoW Launcher you’ll be prompted to update. This update includes support for the 64-bit version of the game.

If you have the 64-bit binary files in the WoW directory, and through the official WoW launcher have it setup to not use the 32-bit client then my WoW Launcher will run the 64-bit version instead. If the 64-bit version does not exist, but it’s setup to use the 64-bit version, it’ll use the 32-bit version as a fallback.

This only matters of course, if you do not use the “use Launcher” option.

Have fun!


Yet Another Minor Launcher Update

This update adds a small server check when you launch a realm, to see if it’s online or not. It does this by parsing the “set realmlist” line, and even supports custom ports (“:port”).

You’ll still be able to launch the game if it’s offline, if you wish – it’s just a small check.