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The end of Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has, for a while now, been planning to discontinue the Windows Live Messaging platform in favor of the their newly purchased property, Skype. The initial shut-off for Windows Live Messenger was “first quarter of 2013”, later revealed to be April 8th, to April 30th. Keep in mind, the servers behind WLM will continue to stay on for legacy purposes (the xbox 360 for instance, uses WLM).

On April 25th, I was no longer able to sign in. I was prompted instead, with an option to “upgrade” to Skype. Seeing as Skype has an inferior text messaging system, I refused.

So, I fired up OllyDbg. Low and behold, like many of their previous restrictions placed on the client, the forced update is implemented via something they refer to as ‘Policies’ (you may remember how, for a short time, you could not click on certain links – that was a policy in effect). [Continue Reading…]


Adjust date/time in Windows 8

Recently, I upgraded to Windows 8.

I’ve found the migration to be fairly painless from Windows 7, aside from having to change a few habits (like you do when you upgrade any version of windows).

However, the other day I ran across a weird error, “You are attempting to open a file of the type ‘System file’ (.cpl)”. [Continue Reading…]


Windows Live Messenger – Enabling 10+ transfers

Since the creator of A-Patch seems to be completely not contactable (both the forums and contact form do not work), I’ll just post this here..

File: msnmsgr.exe
File Version: 15.4.3555.308
Address on file: 001B9E82
Address in memory: 001B9E82 + ImageBase + BaseOfCode (- SizeOfHeaders to make it an RVA)
Find: 83 F8 0A 77 27
Replace: 90 90 90 90 90

This will enable dragging 10+ files into a chat window for file transfer.


SOPA & PIPA Protest


Tomorrow, January 18th 2012 this site will be offline from 8AM EDT, to 8PM EDT in protest of both SOPA, and PIPA.

I urge anyone who cares for internet freedom to participate and help spread the word about this bill (and its future forms), and even black your site out too, if you own one.


WoW Launcher Update

A new version of the launcher is available, be sure to either run your launcher and let it update, or grab the newest version here.

The new version adds a checkbox that allows you to use World of Warcraft’s “Launcher.exe” as the launch target instead of “Wow.exe”, as well as the command line argument “-forceupdate” to force the application to update itself.

PS: This is probably going to be one of the last versions of this program. The code has become extremely¬†unmanageable due to how sloppy my coding was when I started this, and I personally don’t play WoW anymore.


Call for feature requests!

Right now, my WoW launcher is pretty much complete.
I honestly can’t think of much else to add to it (in its current form).

So I’m throwing this out there:
Are there any features you would like to see implemented?


World of Warcraft Launcher v1.2

After a day or so of changing the code for the launcher I wrote a year or so ago, I’ve fully updated my launcher to use the windows registry instead of a flat database file as it did before. This will be faster, more efficient, and more portable. Realms you create will not span across multiple windows user accounts like before. Instead, they will be persistent wherever you place the executable on your user account.

[ Download ]