Skype: No Border minor update available.

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  1. Hasbreak says:

    Hey, may you explain why some antiviruses flag your handy software as a virus – Gen:Variant.Kazy.760274?
    Does it happen beacuse of the software meddling with explorer.exe?

    • Ellie says:

      I just ran it though virustotal.. That’s strange, the last time I ran that scan it was fine. Looks like it may be how Visual Studio was generating the code at the time, I just did a new compile of the same code, and it’s now this (compare that to this). I’ll see if I can completely fix the false positives, and if not, I’ll contact the AVs false positive department.

      The code actually doesn’t mess with anything funny – it just scans the active windows for that red border, and if it sees it (and a Skype convo open), it sends a WM_SHOWWINDOW message (via ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE)).

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