Some things are best left untouched

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  1. X says:

    Indeed. I got back into the legit style. Damn. We should hook up again.

  2. Kuroi kiri says:

    Hi 😉

  3. Kuroi kiri says:

    Oh, several, mainly Yoda and KuroiKiri. Spent most of my time with StaticSyphon and Nightscript, and a particularly ornary individual whom I can’t recall their handle.

  4. Kuroi kiri says:

    Well then.. that’s depressing. But, I suppose you have a few other decent projects

    • Ellie says:

      If only. After that last one failed I’ve been pretty aimless in terms of projects. I really need to come up with something more permanent. Maybe I will check HTS out again, you said it wasn’t as bad? It’s been awhile, for sure.

      What name did you go under back at HTS?

  5. Kuroi kiri says:

    Does this include reviving personal projects or improvement, based on the way you felt when you originally worked on them? To think, I myself have been feeling nostalgic for the good old days of HTS, and on visiting, not only do I see that it is up and running, but one of my favourite people in the scene is actually helping it run.. I really need to rededicate my free time to a re education in technology.

    Inspiring, as always.

    A name from the past.

    • Ellie says:

      I think personal projects are fine honestly, it’s just when you crash and burn with a community does what I said apply. It was rather depressing.

      I’ve honestly stayed away from HTS due to how dead and .. stagnant it was the last time I checked in there.

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