Some things are best left untouched

I really need to stop getting myself involved in projects that I’m attracted to primarily due to the nostalgia I feel when I think about it, and previous projects I’ve been a part of like it.  Some things truly are, meant to stay dead.  When revived, they seem to never bode well for two reasons:

  • Extremely high expectations – People will expect what they believe they remember from days past, they’ll want to relive their childhoods.
  • The people involved in the revive tend to be reviving it for the wrong reasons.

When I say wrong reasons, I’m not talking money or anything like that.  I’m referring to how many people don’t get involved in a project solely because they’re interested in the process of making and/or working on it.  They’re there looking forward, too far forward.  They’re working towards a goal – the “making” of it is only a means to an end (that can never be reached).  This seems to be a good way to fail.

I recently was part of a group that tried to revive a gaming community that we all remembered with smiles on our faces.  While we had good intentions, it was executed horribly.  And in doing so, we tarnished the name.  For the people who did return, that community will never be the same.  It would almost have been better to not have tried at all.  Yet, initially – it was a blast.  A lot of that old nostalgia came racing back in full force for a lot of people involved.  One thing led to another however.  Once you take a step down the wrong road it’s hard to return.  Each time we tried to right our wrongs, we only seemed to make it worse.  People started leaving.  The place was dead before it hit the ground.

Sometimes, it’s best to let things stay as memories.  The things that made it special were the people, the time, and the place.  These are things that would be nearly impossible to recreate.  And if you succeeded to recreate it, who’s to say you would like it still? Since that place was alive, you’ve grown and changed as a person.

Be smart and think twice before you enter any kind of revival for a long-dead project of any kind, no matter your reasoning.

I wish I had.

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  1. X says:

    Indeed. I got back into the legit style. Damn. We should hook up again.

  2. Kuroi kiri says:

    Hi 😉

  3. Kuroi kiri says:

    Oh, several, mainly Yoda and KuroiKiri. Spent most of my time with StaticSyphon and Nightscript, and a particularly ornary individual whom I can’t recall their handle.

  4. Kuroi kiri says:

    Well then.. that’s depressing. But, I suppose you have a few other decent projects

    • Ellie says:

      If only. After that last one failed I’ve been pretty aimless in terms of projects. I really need to come up with something more permanent. Maybe I will check HTS out again, you said it wasn’t as bad? It’s been awhile, for sure.

      What name did you go under back at HTS?

  5. Kuroi kiri says:

    Does this include reviving personal projects or improvement, based on the way you felt when you originally worked on them? To think, I myself have been feeling nostalgic for the good old days of HTS, and on visiting, not only do I see that it is up and running, but one of my favourite people in the scene is actually helping it run.. I really need to rededicate my free time to a re education in technology.

    Inspiring, as always.

    A name from the past.

    • Ellie says:

      I think personal projects are fine honestly, it’s just when you crash and burn with a community does what I said apply. It was rather depressing.

      I’ve honestly stayed away from HTS due to how dead and .. stagnant it was the last time I checked in there.

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