Passwords, Insecurity in the millions

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  1. reZo says:

    Interesting, I tend to key bash when creating new passwords, and edit it as desired after. Guess it’s similar to a random password generator.

    I’ve heard of a couple people using patterns for passwords, including there favorite piano tunes and such, interesting method of creating them.

  2. Jiinx says:

    I dont have passwords per say, more of patterns on the keyboard..

    zawerfcx = D
    2wsxdrfvgy7 = W


    easy to remeber and hard to hack 😀

  3. rex says:

    I wouldn’t believe this if the info wasn’t right in front of my eyes 😮 The best password I ever had (and still have) was randomly generated for me 😀 I didn’t think I’d remember it but after a few goes it was cemented in my brain 🙂

    • Ellie says:

      Yeah, I was quite amazed myself – it’s rather sad this is the ‘norm’. :/

      For my passwords I usually pick a few words and replace characters, like pickafewwords would be 9!ck4fewWord$ – this has lowercase, uppercase, numbers, signs, and is 13 characters long.

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