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Skype: No Border v1.2.3

A new version of SNB is available.

I’ve changed the algorithm that’s used to find Skype’s red border so it’s a little more efficient.

I’ve also changed the compiler from Visual Studio 2015, to Visual Studio 2013; it seems “Rising” Antivirus doesn’t like anything made with VS2015 (I did several tests, on several different applications). This should fix that false positive.

Another change is that I no longer embed the Visual C++ runtime (“MultiThreaded” vs “MultiThreaded DLL”), as “Qihoo-360” Antivirus apparently didn’t like that. Because of this, you now need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime installed in order to run SNB.

As of this post, that now fixes all false positives on virustotal.

As always, you can find it under Software » Skype: No Border


Skype: No Border v1.2.0

I had to install Windows on a new machine recently, and as I was setting up my programs it dawned on me that I have no built-in way for Skype: No Border to automatically start with Windows.

Well, I’ve released an update (v1.2.0) that will allow you to start it with Windows easily. Just right click the system tray icon and toggle “Start with Windows”. 🙂

You can find it under Software » Skype: No Border


WoW Launcher Update r129

This update brings us to version 1.3.

– Added a Facebook icon to the top right corner of the program that will take you to our Facebook page when clicked.
– You can now pass “-updateinstallpath” to the app to have it update WoW’s locating in the registry prior to launching.
– Fixed up launch code so it’s the same regardless of how you launch.
– Now compiled with DPI Aware turned on.

As always, you can grab the newest version by letting your current version auto-update or by downloading it here.


The end of Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has, for a while now, been planning to discontinue the Windows Live Messaging platform in favor of the their newly purchased property, Skype. The initial shut-off for Windows Live Messenger was “first quarter of 2013”, later revealed to be April 8th, to April 30th. Keep in mind, the servers behind WLM will continue to stay on for legacy purposes (the xbox 360 for instance, uses WLM).

On April 25th, I was no longer able to sign in. I was prompted instead, with an option to “upgrade” to Skype. Seeing as Skype has an inferior text messaging system, I refused.

So, I fired up OllyDbg. Low and behold, like many of their previous restrictions placed on the client, the forced update is implemented via something they refer to as ‘Policies’ (you may remember how, for a short time, you could not click on certain links – that was a policy in effect). [Continue Reading…]


WoW Launcher Update r118

This update fixes a few bugs, most notable is that it won’t limit the length of your text in single-line text boxes anymore.

As always, you can grab the newest version by letting your current version auto-update or by downloading it here.


Functions in dynamic memory

Recently, as an experiment I was curious about executing code in dynamic memory in a C/C++ program.

It’s doable, but you need to do a few things you may not think of; you cannot just insert the assembly into your variable, and call it like a function. [Continue Reading…]


The WoW Launcher’s ‘setRealmlist’

The other day, I had someone who was working on their own launcher ask me about the algorithm I use in order to change the realmlist in the launcher.

First, you need to keep in mind that blizzard has moved it around a bit.

  • 1.x – 2.x, it was located in the same folder as Wow.exe
  • 3.x – 5.0.4, it was moved into your locales Data folder
  • 5.0.4 made the realmlist file obsolete, and the values are now stored in [Continue Reading…]